Mixed methods.png

Mixed methodology research for a leading insurance company which involved a mixture of qualitative research (focus groups and in-depth interviews), quantitative research (telephonic interviews) and on-site consulting (interactions with employees) in order to understand and transform the company’s current brand.

Focus groups 2.png

Focus groups for an affordable healthcare company prior to their launch. The purpose of the research was to quantify the need for their service offering, establish pricing guidelines and unique selling points. They have since rolled out in Gauteng and are looking to expand nationally in the next year. 

On site consulting.png

Two years of on-site consulting for one of South Africa’s leading business banks where research initiatives were successfully completed end-to-end across marketing, forex, merchant services, product and innovation divisions. 

Mystery shopping.png

Mystery shopping across industries such as business insurance, merchant services, vehicle finance, international banking and life insurance. Processes were completed in order to identify service failures and successes, differentiation in costing and general customer experience.

Balance life.png

A work-life balance study for an international technology provider. They aimed to understand the struggle which middle management employees face with regards to being successful in their careers and at home. The purpose of the research was to understand how technology can better assist in restoring this balance.

Joburg CBD.png

Research in the Johannesburg CBD with small business owners in order to understand the challenges which they face based on the nature of their industry and their foreign origins. Objectives included determining how their banking needs can be addressed, services / products which would be helpful to their businesses and the general atmosphere in this underestimated industry.

Consulting strat.png

Strategy consulting for a government organisation in order to determine the best operational process to be followed with regards to their day to day activities. This was mapped out through multiple interactions with staff, senior management and service providers. Customer satisfaction surveys were also completed and taken into consideration when drawing conclusions.

Brand tracking 3.png

A brand tracking study for one of the countries largest franchisors. This involved intercept interviews at fast food outlets as well as telephonic interviews in order to understand the perception of specific brands in every province.




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